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High Quality Torque Anchor Forgings from KDK
Pictured below are several products which are produced at K.D.K. For product specifications and ordering information, please contact us. 

Torque Anchor Forgings for Construction Industry

Forging Parts Supplies from KDK Forging

Salient Features

  • Custom Shapes and Sizes
  • Drilled Holes Available
  • Machined Holes Available
  • Sand Blasting & Plating available
  • 4140 Steel
  • 100% inspected
  • Forgings for Torque Anchor Shafts from KDK

    Product Description
    KDK manufactures torque anchor forgings for applications within the construction   industry. These forgings can be made in a variety of head shapes and there are   different lengths that they can be forged to. These products are used to support   cracked or sunken foundations. These support forgings fit into a larger component   assembly. In larger quantities it is more economical to forge the ends of the   anchors  to create a square female shape for an extension to connect to. Certain   applications call for these ends to be forged as opposed to welded on. The forging process creates a single grain flow that runs through the length of the part. Due to the stresses that are able to be absorbed by the forging of this component, this process is favored over castings of a similar nature. This device can then be used to pull back or push up foundation and walls. These anchors are typically galvanized after the steel has been forged and KDK can provide customers with galvanized support forgings. These devices are typically cut or sheared on the then ends and drilled or punched after the heads have been forged depending on the specification of the customer. Support systems can add years of life to a wall or foundation that has been damaged. Please let us know the specific configuration that you are looking for. We have dies available for most standard head shapes and configurations.

    KDK has been forging Torque anchor shafts for over 5 years now. KDK Forging delivers consistent quality torque shafts that  are used in a variety of construction applications. We have produced forgings for several different customers within  this product group.

    KDK torque anchors are used in the following industries: construction, utilities.