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Metal Forgings for Railroad Components

High Quality Machined Socket by KDK Forging Suppliers

KDK manufactures machined sockets in a variety of shapes and sizes. The head diameter of our sockets ranges are from 5/8 inches - 4 inches and its length ranges are from 3 feet- 20 feet. We can customize sockets as per your needs. We provide machine finished sockets as well as unfinished sockets for you to finish machine, grind, or assemble.Our sockets come equipped with provisions for inserting bearings or grease fittings.

Machined Socket    
Hand Holds Suppliers for Railcar Industry

Hand holds or grab irons allow mobility of personnel in and around railcars. Hand holds are produced from carbon steels and from stainless steels and can be manufactured in a variety of configurations. KDK has tooling for most standard configurations currently in the railcar industry. Adjustable hand holds are also available that allow parts to be used in an application where multiple lengths are required.

Hand Holds

Supreme Quality Sill Steps by KDK Forging

Sill Steps are used along the outside of railcars for entering the car where a platform is absent. They can be made from carbon steel or from stainless steel. They can be located in the back or on the front sides of a railcar. KDK can produce sill steps to customer specifications and to common railroad standards. KDK Forging has tooling for standard configurations currently used in the railcar industry.

Sill Step    

Railroad forgings consist of a unique group of components that make up the core group of parts within a railcar. KDK produces hand holds, sill steps, brake pins, crab bolts, and other rail products. KDK has been producing railroad forgings for over 30 years.