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Pictured below are several products which are produced at K.D.K. For product specifications and ordering information, please contact us. 

Fasteners - Eyebolts, Bolts & Pins

Eye Bolts Specialty Fasteners by Leading Forging Suppliers

Eye bolts are small screw forgings that have a loop on one end and are threaded on the other end. Eye bolts are commonly used to attach lines to objects. For example the can be used to attach a cable to the back of a painting to allow the painting to hang from a nail on a wall. For more of an industrial application, eye bolts can be used to hang various industrial hooks on attach rope or chain to.

Eye Bolts    
Custom Made Bolts by Leading Forging Part Suppliers

There are a variety of bolts that KDK produces. The diameters of the bolts can range from inch to 3 inches in diameter. The length can range from 3 1/2 inches to 38 inches. KDK has made many different dies that can be adapted for your bolt needs. Heat treating and sandblasting services are also available. This can aid in the appearance of the bolts and can bring the bolts to the desired hardness.


Standard Fastener  Pins in All Shapes and Sizes

Pins are small forgings that are used in a variety of applications as a standard fastener. Pins can be manufactured from stand carbon steels or from stainless steel. KDK manufactures many different types of pins in a variety of shapes and sizes. The diameters of the heads of the pins can range from inch to 4 inches. The length can range 4 inches to 36 inches.


KDK handles the manufacturing of fasteners from start to finish beginning with the procurement of steel to the packaging of threaded fasteners in customer specified containers. Heading machines manufactured by International manufacturers allow KDK to produce high quality close tolerance fasteners to customer specifications.