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Pictured below are several products which are produced at K.D.K. For product specifications and ordering information, please contact us. 

Forgings for Construction Components

High Quality Torque Anchor Forgings | KDK Forging

KDK manufactures torque anchor forgings for applications within the construction industry. These forgings can be made in a variety of head shapes and there are different lengths that they can be forged to. These products are used to support cracked or sunken foundations. These support forgings fit into a larger component assembly. In larger quantities it is more economical to forge the ends of the anchors to create a square female shape for an extension to connect to.

Torque Anchor Forging    
Auger Tuber Forging for Earth Exploration Applications | KDK Forging

Auger Tube forgings are used in a variety of earth exploration applications. Earth exploration assemblies are used to gather earth samples for mining and testing purposes in environmental, mineral exploration, and construction industries. Auger Tube forgings are typically manufactured from solid steel tube. The ends of the tube are then formed into the desired mating shape corresponding to the device to be fitted into.

Auger Tube Forging


Forgings used in the construction industry can add strength to the design of a structure. KDK produces forging parts for dampening systems and for foundations. When used in foundations, forgings can prevent further damage caused by sedimentary movement.